Thursday, July 7, 2011

The End

"Are you sure this is what you want to do, Lace? I know you had a rough time before your trip but..." I just smiled as Vi's voice trailed off. "I am sure, Vi. I had a great run as a model. I gained a lot of life experience living here with you but I want to really spread my wings. Try living somewhere other than this small town." At the sound of footsteps, we both turned.

B greeted each of us then turned to Vi. "I have to finalize the shoot for Lizzy today. Do you think you can get me the number for that empty house on the edge of town? And," B started to sniff the air, "is something burning?" 

"Aiya!" Vi's startled yell was punctuated by her quick departure and the front door slamming.

B and I started to giggle. "I think she forgets about the sun sometimes." After we controlled ourselves, I continued. "I appreciate you setting up everything for my move to Harmony. I know you weren't happy with me for quitting the agency but I really feel like this is the best thing for me."

"I understand about wanting to move on. But perhaps you would like to know that Roarke has decided to move to Harmony as well. Maybe you two can pick up where you left off. He is quite hunky." The way B wiggled her eyebrows suggestively made me break into another fit of giggles. I guess there are no secrets in the modeling world!

"I wanted to come by and tell you the results of the finale in person ... you got first!" I was so shocked that I stood there with my mouth open not saying a word. "You will get a hefty sum as well as celebrity status. I am so glad you get to go out with a bang." I mutely nodded my head.

"Well, I better go hurry up Vi. The modeling world waits for no woman." We both laughed a little. I reached out a hugged B one last time. "I wish you well, B." I watched her walk inside. So much had happened but this chapter of my life is over. A honk drew my attention to the road. The limo had arrived to take me to the airport.

Taking first in my last photo shoot was like an omen. Life from here on out can only get better. I picked up my small carry-on and my purse then walked out to the limo. As the chauffeur held the door open, I took one last look at the town house. Goodbye, Old Life. As I climbed into the limo and snuggled into the plush leather seats, I began to hum quietly to myself. 


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  1. D'awwww, Lacey. She's so adorable. I hope she does well in Harmony! :)