Thursday, July 7, 2011

A note From B

I hope you all enjoyed reading this story as much as I did writing it. I am sorry the ending is so short. But fear not as her life will continue in a new story I am writing called "In Harmony".

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The End

"Are you sure this is what you want to do, Lace? I know you had a rough time before your trip but..." I just smiled as Vi's voice trailed off. "I am sure, Vi. I had a great run as a model. I gained a lot of life experience living here with you but I want to really spread my wings. Try living somewhere other than this small town." At the sound of footsteps, we both turned.

B greeted each of us then turned to Vi. "I have to finalize the shoot for Lizzy today. Do you think you can get me the number for that empty house on the edge of town? And," B started to sniff the air, "is something burning?" 

"Aiya!" Vi's startled yell was punctuated by her quick departure and the front door slamming.

B and I started to giggle. "I think she forgets about the sun sometimes." After we controlled ourselves, I continued. "I appreciate you setting up everything for my move to Harmony. I know you weren't happy with me for quitting the agency but I really feel like this is the best thing for me."

"I understand about wanting to move on. But perhaps you would like to know that Roarke has decided to move to Harmony as well. Maybe you two can pick up where you left off. He is quite hunky." The way B wiggled her eyebrows suggestively made me break into another fit of giggles. I guess there are no secrets in the modeling world!

"I wanted to come by and tell you the results of the finale in person ... you got first!" I was so shocked that I stood there with my mouth open not saying a word. "You will get a hefty sum as well as celebrity status. I am so glad you get to go out with a bang." I mutely nodded my head.

"Well, I better go hurry up Vi. The modeling world waits for no woman." We both laughed a little. I reached out a hugged B one last time. "I wish you well, B." I watched her walk inside. So much had happened but this chapter of my life is over. A honk drew my attention to the road. The limo had arrived to take me to the airport.

Taking first in my last photo shoot was like an omen. Life from here on out can only get better. I picked up my small carry-on and my purse then walked out to the limo. As the chauffeur held the door open, I took one last look at the town house. Goodbye, Old Life. As I climbed into the limo and snuggled into the plush leather seats, I began to hum quietly to myself. 


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Sunday, July 3, 2011

France Day 2

I was pulled from a peaceful sleep by Roarke's steady stream of French. I had a moment of awkwardness. I wasn't exactly used to this kind of thing.

"Feeling awkward, cherie?" I nodded slightly as he embraced me. "There is no need. I understand you needed me and I was glad to have been there for you as well. Come, do not be shy." He leaned in and softly kissed my lips. "Who was on the phone?" I asked as he slid his hands down my arms.

"It was B. She always seems to wake me from my sleep. She has news about your ... eh, comp, is it? Oui, comp. She has faxed your scores to the local bookstore for you to pick up." I was thrilled they had finally come in. But I really wasn't ready to share all my hopes with Roarke.

"Do you think you can give me directions?" I asked him. "Would you not rather I show you myself?" I felt myself begin to cave.

"Non, you are right. You should be alone for this journey. France is a wonderful place to find oneself." His comment surprised me. It was almost as if he could read my mind. "Thank you for understanding, Roarke."

He suddenly leaned in and kissed me. It was completely unexpected! "I shall have them send up breakfast for us and prepare a map for you. But first..." He pulled me into his grip and slowly backed me up to the bed.

Two hours later, I was finally off to the bookstore to pick up the fax that B had sent.

I found the bookstore with no problems. "Excuse me? My name is ..." I was quickly cut off. "Oh, I know who you are. You are Lacey Thibedeaux, that famous American model. I have a fax for you behind my desk." Wow, she was so eager to help me. But before I could even turn around I heard a shout from the doorway.

This sweet teenage girl rushed me with an pen and paper, begging for an autograph. When a young man walked in, he quickly joined in by asking for a photo. It was almost an hour before the people cleared out and I could get my fax!

Hope this finds you well rested. Have plans for the final photo shoot in the works. Scores are as follows: Tied for 5th, 136/150 for vehicle assignment. Tied for 5th, 138/150 for hobby assignment.  I need you to really push with this last one.     B  
After reading those scores and just sensing B's disappointment, I slowly walked out of the store and just began to meander around town.

Despite my obvious fame in this rural town, I really felt like my career was a bust.

I had started out looking for something to pass the time. Now modeling was my whole life.

I missed the quiet and simple. I missed living for me.

 I hated myself for not following through on my true lifetime want.

I wanted the joy of living back.

As the evening slowly drew to a close, I found myself on a lonely bridge that had a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower. I realized that was what I felt like. This beautiful thing everyone wanted to see but that was untouchable. I wanted to be real, to live the way I was meant to. I wanted ... to give up modeling!

I felt a sense of peace fill me. I turned back towards where I was staying. I was so preoccupied with planning my next move, I almost ran right into Roarke.

"I was beginning to worry about you, you were gone so long!" I shifted a bit, "I had some thinking I wanted to do." He quickly shook his head. "It does not matter anymore, we are almost late. Quickly, let us go."

"Wait, wait, wait. What do you mean? Where are we going?" He smiled as he took my hand and brought it to his lips, "Why, to the Eiffel Tower, of course."

Finale Photo Shoot
That night, as Roarke lay in bed sleeping, I spent time planning...

... and dreaming.

Friday, June 24, 2011

France Day 1

B was a big help in getting this trip set up so quickly. She said it would be great for me to relax while we waited on scores from the previous pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn't choose my own hotel. The agency I won the trip from had an established boarding house where everyone stayed.

"Bonjour, welcome to France! My name is Roarke, and I have been charged, by B herself, to keep an eye on you and show you around."

"Are you tired? Perhaps you would like time to rest and get settled in, no?" I was in a daze! It still seem unreal to me that I was in another country. Perhaps it was jet lag but I didn't want to waste a moment.

I gave a nervous chuckle, "Actually, I slept a lot on the plane. I was thinking maybe a quick look around town or something before night fall would be nice." Roarke laughed, "The town? No, no, no. The winery? Yes, that is where we will start. You will like it. Come, we will take the limo."

I could already feel the cares that had held me down for so long, start to slide off my shoulders. I was free once again. And I was going to not let worries intrude on my precious time.

The winery was beautiful on the outside. But I was filled with awe when I entered and saw the walls filled with racks of wine! As I started to browse the racks, I got distracted by the excited chatter of the others around me. But I couldn't understand what they were saying!

"You have everyone all worked up, mon petit. It is rare for someone of your fame to visit our little town." I watched as Roarke expertly poured wine into some glasses. He looked over at me. "For you, au gout. To taste." I smiled and nodded.

But before I could follow him, I was stopped by a girl who spoke halting English. She wanted my autograph! As I was signing her picture of my beach party, a woman began snapping my picture. Paparazzi?! Roarke came to my rescue and pulled me into a small room with a big machine in it.

We sat and talked while a woman brought us glass after glass of different wines. "So, you are one of B's models, too?" I was feeling kind of floaty and light-headed. The world seemed to be moving in slow motion ... and I liked the feeling! "Yes, but only on certain assignments. She rarely travels out of country anymore." I had almost forgot what I had asked him!

"B had said you were going through a rough patch with your copain. Do you mind me asking what happened?" I giggled, "Copain? ... Oh, you mean boyfriend." I giggled some more. Everything just seemed so funny. "He was evil! He cheated on me with another model then ... it ended." My happy feeling was starting to drift away as thoughts of Jake and Derek filtered into my mind.

Roarke pushed another glass into my hand. "No use letting old memories bring you down." As I was gingerly sipping yet another glass of wine, Roarke suddenly jumped to his feet. The paparazzi had found us!

We headed down some stairs to another section of the winery. Once again the wine was taking effect and I nearly stumbled down the stairs! Roarke was constantly at my elbow with another glass or a bottle to refill the one I held.

I let loose and really started to have some fun. I started dancing to the radio and encouraging the others with us to dance too.

I even started getting crazy with some of my fans and posing all silly for their pictures. I'm pretty sure some of them ended up on Facebook. Roarke approached me. "It is getting late, mon petit. I need to get you home." I leaned against him heavily, "Yes, take me home."

The limo ride home was somewhat sobering, but I had already decided to be as wild as possible. At the entrance to the house, I threw myself at Roarke. "Come inside with me, Roarke. Show me all about french lovers." He tried to pull my arms from around him. "No, Lacey. You are quite drunk. I have no wish for you to have regrets come morning." So I did what any woman would do when she was being rejected...

I kissed Roarke with all the gusto I could muster! 

And it worked! Roarke scooped me up into his arms and, despite the many onlookers, carried me up the stairs to the room I was staying in.

The rest of the night needed no words.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 21 & 22

The new day started real early with a call from B, as usual. "Yea, I can be there for 5am. No, don't bother with calling Vi too. I'll just go and wake her up."

"I need her to get some info from our new photographer. I had to fire Jake for not showing up or calling in."  I barely listened as B went on about a double shoot and being behind. I knew what she didn't. That Jake was never going to show up or call in again.

When I hung up, all I could think about was how Derek had snuffed out Jake's life without so much as a blink.

Despite everything Jake had done ... some part of me had still been in love with him! And that part hurt and hated Derek for taking him away. I tried to pull in my emotions as I walked across the hall to Vi's room.

I was kind of surprised to actually see both Vi and Jacq were both sound asleep. I never even heard them come in. I reached over and gently shook Vi awake.

"I'm sorry I had to wake you, Vi." I whispered. "But B called and needs both of us there early." Vi got up and looked at me questioningly. "Are we not going to talk about ..." her voice trailed off. "No, please don't mention last night. Let's just focus on today and go from there. What am I going to do about my eye. B is gonna flip."

"OK, we'll let the whole Jake issue drop for now." Vi tilted my head from side to side. "I have a trick I can show you that will completely mask that black eye. First, you have to..."

We both were quiet and contemplative the whole drive out to the shoot location.

And as soon as we arrived, the new photographer, Adam, was ready to get started. He explained what he was looking for and B made comments on things she wanted to see. I felt numb to the world and just followed along.

But once we got started really working, I let my mind focus on only the photo I was taking.

Adam changed angles...



14 hours later, i was told we had ANOTHER shoot to do.

I rolled with it and did a quick change. I headed to the barn where they had changed one of the horse stalls into what appeared to be a workout room.

I was to be performing Tai Chi. A solitary endeavor and I was to appear focused.

After a few lighting adjustments, this one went rather quickly. I was beat by the time Adam and B called it done with this one. I grabbed Vi and went straight home. I didn't wake until almost noon the next day!

I was on my way out the door when Vi stopped me. "What are your plans now, Lace?" We had spent time inside discussing Jake, Derek, cosmic balance, and other necessities. I had expressed a need to just get away. "I'm not sure yet."

"You know, you haven't taken your trip to France that you won from Colours. You should seriously consider going." And with that, she walked back into the house and out of the hot sun.

But the wheels had already started to turn.

I pulled out my cell phone right then and there and booked the first flight to France!