Monday, April 4, 2011

Introductions and Day 1

This is a picture of the whole family.

My Momma (Caroline) and my Daddy (Edward or Eddie as everyone calls him). Daddy works alot. He spent 30 years in the construction business. Then just last year, he got laid off! He took up a job at the local fire department and seems to be enjoying that now.

Momma works part-time at the bookstore in town. She is a bookworm and can always be found with her nose in a book.

This is Madox, the youngest. As the baby in the family, he is somewhat spoiled. (Mostly by me!) He will soon have a birthday and go to school with the rest of the kids.

These are the twins, Stacy and Tracy. Stacy is the one in ribbons. She's the one you have to watch out for. She's evil and tends to be a coward. But Tracy is a joy! She is so good to Madox. And not afraid of the dark like her twin.

Here is Edward Thibodeaux Jr. We all just call him Junior. 

Despite living on a farm, Junior HATES the outdoors. He also has some quirky traits that don't really fit in with the family. Daddy insists Junior will grow to love the farm one day. I sure hope so since he will inherit everything!

And we can't forget Marie. She is the second oldest and a snob to boot. 

She spends most of her time working on her tan, reading fashion magazines, and texting her friends. She does occasionally help around the house but only if it doesn't interfere with her socializing!

Then, of course, there is me. My name is Lacey. Nothing special ... yet. My dream is to become a World Renowned Surgeon. I've never been big on the dating scene and because of my duties at home, my social life is almost nonexistent. But I have started something exciting. Modeling.  

This is the head shot I send in to a modeling agency, Bordelinski's. I've already been accepted into a competition hosted by drew10player! Marie is so insanely jealous.   

I don't want to be dead weight while I'm in this new endeavor, so I have decided to moonlight at the new dance club in town.

Uh.. I think I need more practice first.

But life continues. I still help out around the house.

The photographer Bordelinski sent over just kinda follows me around. Sometimes he asks me to freeze in the most awkward positions. Then he flutters around snapping pictures while I'm suppose to act natural. I guess I'll get used to it as the days go by.

I was exhausted by the time the day was done. It was nearing 4am when the photographer called it a day!!

As I slid under the sheets, Marie's alarm was going off. She smirked at me as she made her side of the bed. I knew she was thinking I wouldn't make it as a model. I hope to prove her wrong. And if I do, I'm using the money to buy my own place. No more sharing a bed with my sister in the basement!


  1. You are so prolific! I am going to spend some time learning more about this young woman. Will comment later down the line...

  2. Lacey is so pretty :)
    Love the part where you mention you as the photographer.